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Bud Worwetz, WES President



I find that most data center managers know more than they give themselves credit. It is usually a a problem of translation.


I appreciate and benefit from talking to smart IT guys. Quite often they overestimate their load requirements and I can keep them from wasting too much money from buying oversized equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Battery Backups /Uninterruptible Power Supplies

1. Do I need a Battery Backup for my office computer?

2. What type of UPS should I buy and how big?

3. How long will the batteries last?

4. Can I throw away the old backups?

5. What is the difference between watts and volts amps?

1. Of course you do, unless you want to loose all that important stuff you saved and let the phone system go down.


2. I don't know what type of UPS you need? Stop asking silly questions.... OK, the average computer draws about 200Watts tops, but servers can pull a much greater load. Runtime notwithstanding, try a Backups 500 for your desktop and an SU1400 for a single server. Whichever you choose, choose a good name brand such as APC, Liebert, Powerware, Tripplite and even the old tough systems like HP, Compaq and especially Best can be reliable serviced backup strategies.


3. The batteries usually last 3 years, but you have a reduced life if your utility power is prone to sporadic peaks and valleys.


4. No, don't throw UPS batts into the trash, as they contain lead and will poison us all. You are going to kill us and our children if you do that. Call your local battery dealer or recycler.


5. VoltsAmps or VA is the apparent load, but watts is the actual load. I think APC has a great white paper on this.

Return Policy

No returns for new or used equipment purchases may be sent/received without authorization. Documentation of installation, grounding and or maintenance may be required.

You must provide the Serial Number and date of purchase.

If a return is made because of damage during shipping, you must note the exception on the shipping document-bill of lading upon receipt



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