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Tested Working and Surplus New Contactors

High Quality Contactors from these well known manufacturers.

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BE75C-Y21ABB BE75C Contactor


24VDC Coil

1 In Stock
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ABB EK110-40-21 Block DC Contactor

ABB EK110-40-21 Block Contactor

4 Pole

2 In Stock $199.00 each

Surplus New Unused Mitsubishi

DC Operated

Surplus New Unused
For UPS or Industrial


Square D Contactor
LC1 F115Square D Contactactor LC1 F115


For MGE Comet 125KVA

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Contactor Mitsubishi S-N80
BH762Y921H03 Mitsubishi Contactor S-N80


EN 240VAC 85A 3 or 1 Phase
60947 440VAC 85A


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Contactor Mistsubishi S-N150
BH782Y909H04 Mitsubishi Contactor S-N150


EN 240VAC 85A 3 or 1 Phase
60947 440VAC 85A


3 In Stock $199 Each
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ABB AL30-30-10ABB AL30-30-10 24V DC Contactor

24V DC


1 In Stock
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ABB BC30-30-22
ABB BC30-30-22 Contactor

24V DC


1 In Stock
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