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ADC Fiberguide

Pulled Yellow Fiberguide Junctions and Raceway* in stock now.
Unused disconnected - no fiber cable ever installed in guides.
In like new condition with superficial handling wear. No cracks or defects.

* Call Regarding Raceway In Stock

Order by Phone: Jacksonville 904-396-0145 or Toll Free 904-396-0145 or

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4x12 Junction

$31.85 Call to Order



* Straps Additionally Available. Call

$49.95 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MHRT-B Horizontal TADC FGS-MHRT-B Horizontal T

6" Horizontal T




$49.95 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MTRM-B Trumpet FlareADC FGS-MTRM-B Trumpet Flare

6" Trumpet Flare



$29.95 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MHXP-F Four Way CrossADC FGS-MHXP-F Four Way Cross

12" Four Way Cross



$40.99 Call to Order

ADC FSG-MHXP-B Four Way CrossADC FSG-MHXP-B Four Way Cross

6" Four Way Cross



$56.00 Call to Order

ADC MU4E-B 45 Elbow UpADC MU4E-B 45 Elbow Up

45 Elbow Up w/o Cover




$41.95 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MH9E-F Horizontal ElbowADC FGS-MH9E-F Horizontal Elbow

12" Horizontal Elbow



$54.00 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MD9E-B 90 Elbow DownADC FGS-MD9E-B 90 Elbow Down

6" 90 Elbow Down




$41.95 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MD9E-F 90 Elbow DownADC FGS-MD9E-F 90 Elbow Down


12" 90 Elbow Down



$42.45 Call to Order

ADC FGS-MU4E-F 45 Elbow UpADC FGS-MU4E-F 45 Elbow Up


12" 45 Elbow Up



$41.95 Call to Order

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