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APC ACSC100 Infrastruxure In Row Cooling

200-240V 60 Hz

Today's technologies result in increased heat in server rooms and closets, which require adequate cooling. This self-contained energy-efficient unit reduces cost with the use of variable speed fans, capacity modulation, and an in-row form factor for small IT rooms. The plug-and-play design provides ease of installation without running refrigerant lines or remote heat exchangers. The predictive failure alert, high head pressure protection, and hot-swappable fans allow greater efficiency in managing IT Data Centers.

APC ACSC100 Infrastruxture In Row Cooling



Pyxis® JITrBUD

Wirelessly enable open access inventory management
with this device, directly attached to existing storage systems, it interfaces with Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS) to electronically document dispensed supplies. You can place the wireless button pad wherever you need point-of-use supply automation.

P/N: 320423; Centrak JB-NA-178

Pyxis JITrBUD Pad Interface

Batteries Additionally Available*



Surplus Used HP Proliant DL360 G3
Pentium III Servers*

*Hard Drive & RAM not included
(Additionally available)

HP Proliant DL360 G3 Server



Surplus Used Compaq DL360
Pentium III Servers*

*Hard Drive & RAM not included
(Additionally available)




Surplus Used HP HSTNS-2P01 Blade System Power Supplies

50/Hz, 200-240V~,13A per supply, 6 Batt Mods

HP HSTNS-2P01 Blade System Power Supply



SynOptics Bay Networks
5001 Server Power Supply

for Nortel Centillion 5000 Chasis
PN: 700221-001-01

900 W

SynOptics Bay Networks 5001 Server Power Supply




OSHKOSH VIM GB-128-101, Rev A
Vehicle Interface Module

FOR: Truck - MTVR MK 36
medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement

necessary communications interface between the offboard device and the vehicle to enable monitoring of data available from various subsystems that communicate via the diagnostic link

Oshkosh VIM GB-128-101, Rev A




Emerson Liebert DX 20 Ton Downflow AC for
Data Center / Computer Room


Dry Cooler Sold Separately

Emerson Liebert DX 20 Ton Computer Room AC Unit




Field Deployment RENTAL

Environmental Control Unit

10Ton Heat / Cooling10 Ton Heating or Cooling Unit KECO FDECU5

208, 230V
3Pole + Ground
Remote Thermostat
Air Cooled
Open Exhaust
Outdoor Rated Military Grade
Hubbel or Quick Connector
Easy Pallet Jack or Forklift Handling

INCLUDES: 20Ft. Flexible Cool Airduct,
15Ft. Insulated Electrical Input Wiring,
Pallet base or Trailer mounted Optional

$900/ day + $145 Pick-up/Delivery in Jacksonville Area. Delivery is Door to Door, Inside May Be Additional
Additional Travel Available
INSTALLATION ADDITIONAL: Connection Box Breaker or Disconnect must be viewed at delivery.
WEEKLY Rate: $4000 + Delivery & Installation
MONTHLY Rate: $10,000 + Delivery & Installation


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