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Industrial and Computer Room Airconditioning


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APC ACSC100 Infrastruxure In Row Cooling

200-240V 60 Hz

Today's technologies result in increased heat in server rooms and closets, which require adequate cooling. This self-contained energy-efficient unit reduces cost with the use of variable speed fans, capacity modulation, and an in-row form factor for small IT rooms. The plug-and-play design provides ease of installation without running refrigerant lines or remote heat exchangers. The predictive failure alert, high head pressure protection, and hot-swappable fans allow greater efficiency in managing IT Data Centers.

APC ACSC100 Infrastruxture In Row Cooling




Emerson Liebert DX 20 Ton
Downflow AC for
Data Center / Computer Room


Dry Cooler Sold Separately

Emerson Liebert DX 20 Ton Computer Room AC Unit



KECO Environmental Control Unit
Model #FDECU-5

PN: 98750ASSY9454100-7

208, 230V
3Pole + Ground
Remote Thermostat
Air Cooled
Open Exhaust
Outdoor Rated Military Grade
Hubbel or Quick Connector
Easy Pallet Jack or Forklift Handling

INCLUDES: 20Ft. Flexible Cool Airduct,
15Ft. Insulated Electrical Input Wiring,
Pallet base or Trailer mounted Optional

Field Deployment RENTAL

Environmental Control Unit

10Ton Heat / Cooling10 Ton Heating or Cooling Unit KECO FDECU5

RENT: $150/ day + $145 Pick-up/Delivery in Jacksonville Area. Delivery is Door to Door, Inside May Be Additional
WEEKLY Rate: $1050 + Delivery & Installation
MONTHLY Rate: $4500 + Delivery & Installation
Additional Travel Available
INSTALLATION ADDITIONAL: Connection Box Breaker or Disconnect must be viewed at delivery.



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