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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Service & Repair Parts

Bud Worwetz
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All of our parts are stocked in our own warehouses (not a spider search & get). Surplus new/unused, tested "pulls," serviced, tested hot swap power modules, components, boards chokes, inductor coils, or other assemblies; ready to ship.

We also have spare IGBTs, SCRs, DC & AC Capacitors, and fans. Ask about our growing stock of fans, blowers, IGBTs, and SCRs.



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All Fans & Blowers

All AC & DC Breakers & Switches for UPS & Generators

All Surplus Contactors

All Surplus / New Capacitors and Recycled Cap Assemblies

All Surplus New & Tested AC & DC Fuses

All Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) & Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)

All Extended Run & External Battery Cabinets, Packs, & Parts

All UPS Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBC)

UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches and Power Transfer Systems

APC Accessory Cards: Smartcomm, SNMP, Temperature Humidity Monitoring

AP9512, AP9603, AP605, AP9606, AP9607, AP9608, AP9612, AP9617, AP9619, 9170

APC Hot Swap Power Modules

SYPM for Symmetra Masterframe Power Arrays

SYPM4KP for Symmetra LX

SYPM10KF for Symmetra PX/Infrastruxure

APC Silcon

SL30KF, SL40KF, SL65KG, SL65KF, SLSL80KF, SL80KG, EBM Pabst Blowers & Fans, Evox Rifa Capacitors

APC Silcon SL160KG UPS Parts

APC Silcon SL320KG UPS Parts

Fans & Blowers

Best Power, Ferrups

Ferrups FE Series Parts

Unity 1 Single-Phase

Unity 3-Phase UT320 to 3100 Series

Fans & Blowers


8300 Series Parts 30KVA


Fans & Blowers

Eaton Powerware

Powerware Plus 36

Powerware Plus 80 / 9315

Powerware 9320 C03

Plus 36 36KVA

Plus 50/80 - 9315 Series 50KVA to 80KVA

Powerware 9320 Series 20KVA

Fans & Blowers

Eaton Powerware Power Modules

Powerware 9170 Hot Swap Power Modules

Powerware 9320 Power Modules

Emerson (Vertiv) Liebert Hot Swap Power Modules

Liebert Nfinity 16KVA & 20KVA

Fans & Blowers

Emerson (Vertiv) Liebert

AP300 & AP301 Series 30KVA to 125KVA AP341, AP346, AP355, AP356, AP366, AP376, AP381

610 Series 300KVA

AP381 125KVA, AP376 100KVA Assemblies

AP341 Parts Kit

AP346 Parts Kit

AP356 Parts Kit

AP361 Parts Kit

AP366 Parts Kit

Static Transfer Switch Paralleling Cabinet

Static Transfer Switch Model STC0600P104838

Comair Rotron Fans - Fans & Blowers


Comet 30 to 150KVA

EPE 2081

EPE 3036 Series

EPS Galaxy 6000 300KVA

Fans & Blowers


Mits 8700T / 9700 Series

Mits 8900 / 9100 Series

Mits 9800 A Series 150KVA

Fans & Blowers

Surplus Specialty Electronics and Industrial Equipment

ADC Brand Fiberguide FiberOptic Housing

Surplus Data Center Hardware Components


SynOptics Bay Networks 5001 Server Power Supply

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