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Innovations in tested, recycled uninterruptible power supplies, repurposed data center & industrial equipment
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About WES


Worwetz Energy Systems recycles, tests, remanufactures, and sells industrial, office, and hospital grade battery backups/uninterruptable power supplies to power dealers, data centers, and the general business community in order that their information systems equipment maintains full functionality during power outages, reducing dependency on grid power reliability.

Brand Neutral

Our choice is to sell affordable new, used and remanufactured uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) to value added resellers, solutions providers, collos, and data center managers without brand or channel influence. Currently we recognize the best UPS products as Liebert, Powerware, Best, Mitsubishi, GE, and APC.


The team at Worwetz Energy Systems has developed particular skills in refurbishing Best Power Ferrups, including restoration of noisy transformers. Liebert 300 series and APC Silcons are still very viable systems, if properly reconditioned. Simply replacing batteries does not constitute a serviced UPS.


Bud Worwetz is the founder and principal executive coaxing clients through very difficult times. His candid style is only topped by a lengthy vita boasting two professorships, a 15 year designation as General Motors - United Auto Workers QS9000 (ISO9000 - 2) trainer. His mottos are campy and direct:
"There is no substitute for Intelligence or Excellence," and "Whatever we can do, we do do."

"Getting personal with my clients is inevitable," Bud casts. "People need people, and machines can't do it alone."

Give Worwetz Energy Systems a call if you need answers - 904-396-0145 - ask for Bud.

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Worwetz Energy Systems
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