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Innovations in tested, recycled uninterruptible power supplies, repurposed data center & industrial equipment
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Brands Serviced

WES maintains uninterruptible power supply systems manufactured by APC, MGE, Best / Powerware, Mitsubishi, Tripplite & Liebert. Don't wait until its too late: get a preventative maintenance plan today.

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Symmetra Masterframe, Symmetra PX, Symmetra LX, Silcon, Rackmounts, Smartups, Matrix,

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Axxium Pro, 9170,
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Office & Data Center Backups
Repair, Test, Maintenance & Startup Service

  • Depot / In-shop Bench Repair
  • On-site Troubleshooting
  • Battery Pack Replacement Exchange
  • On-site Battery Maintenance Impedance Testing; High Frequency Testing, Discharge Testing, Alber Testing, Battery Baseline Charting, Battery Health Tracking
  • Hot Swap Power & Battery Module Replacement
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Transformer Reconditioning & Revarnishing, Dry Type
  • On-site Portable Load Bank Testing
  • ACHA Compliance Load Bank Testing for Medical Facilities
  • On-site Start-up
  • Disconnect & Removal
  • Responsible Recycling R2 Compliant to Downstream Processors
  • Annual Service Maintenance & Support Plans
  • Urgent On-site Response
  • Depot Storage
  • UPS Lease & Rentals
  • Hands-on Field Service Technical Training
  • Shipboard Services
  • Custom Crating & Shipping

    Garret Williams Repairing UPS System on Le Grand Bleu
Worwetz Energy Systems offers Planned Maintenance Services designed to help ensure the longest productive life of new or existing back-ups systems to suit many budgets. Please, forward inquiries to sales@wesonline.com.

Services FAQ

When should I replace my backups' batteries?

Sealed Lead-Acid - Absorbed Glass Matt (SLA-AGM) batteries usually last between 3-5 year. If you have many power outages, use el cheapo batteries, or keep your environment at temps higher or colder than 75F, they may fail sooner.

Does WES rebuild batteries?

No, we do not rebuild batteries. WES may place batteries in OEM packs, but batteries are built by only a few suppliers in the United States.

Can WES customize my UPS?

We can make changes only if the factory has documented such a change, like extended runtime or nominal input voltage.

Is WES an electrician?

No. We don't touch your service panel or do wiring. We do "Startup" and troubleshoot repairs.

Battery Change

Our speciallly designed CAT 2 Safety PPE allows our lead technician better vision & reach inside tight battery cabinets.

Please, feel free to contact WES with any additional questions or for expert advice, planning, or other queries regarding back-up power.



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