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Power One Rectifier Module


Power One Rectifier HVR48/100 Module

HVR48/100 Module

Used Tested



QTY: 0

$150 each

Power One Rectifer Bay Shelf

Power One HVS3 Rectifier Bay Shelf

HVS3 High Voltage Rectifier Shelf with Controller

Used Tested

QTY: Over 18 in Stock

$940 each

Lucent Galaxy 596A
Rectifier Modules
Lucent Galaxy 596A  Recifier Modules

50Amp 48VDC Modules for 4812 System


(200Amp Set)

QTY: 0

$500 each

Galaxy BDFB Battery
Distribution Fuse Bay


Galaxy BDFB Battery Distribution Fuse Bay


Primary Distribution Bay



Used Tested

QTY: 0



Power One Secondary
Distribution Frame Bay



For Continuous Load/includes Alarms

Used Tested

QTY: 0

Call for Price

Galaxy 4812 HV Rectfier Bay


Galaxy 4812 HV Rectfier Bay


4812 600Amp Bay w/ Controllers, Breakers, & 596A Rectifier Modules
J85582E-1 (System)



Used Tested

QTY: 0

$3396 / 200A System*
*Displayed here


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