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Browse UPS Service, Repair, and Replacement PartsUPS Service, Repair & Replacement Parts
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APC Backups
XS, LS,& Backups Pro
280VA - 1100VA

APC Smartups & SURT
700VA - 3000VA

APC Symmetra
4KVA - 16KVA

APC Smartups Rackmount
700VA - 6000VA

APC Smartups SURT XLTs
True Online SURT Series
3000VA - 10,000VA

APC Symmetra Rackmount
2KVA - 12KVA Scalable

APC Silcon
15KVA - 400KVA

APC Symmetra PX Infrastruxure 10-40VA

APC Accessory Cards: Smartcomm, SNMP, Temperature Humidity Monitoring

AP9512, AP9603, AP605, AP9606, AP9607, AP9608, AP9612, AP9617, AP9619, 9170

APC Hot Swap Power Modules

SYPM for Symmetra Masterframe Power Arrays

SYPM4KP for Symmetra LX

SYPM10KF for Symmetra PX/Infrastruxure

APC Silcon

SL30KF, SL40KF, SL65KG, SL65KF, SLSL80KF, SL80KG, EBM Pabst Blowers & Fans, Evox Rifa Capacitors

Fans & Blowers

Transformers and Power Distribution Units (PDU)

UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches and Power Transfer Systems

APC Symmetra LX

Power Distribution Outlet Panels

APC Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBCs) Cross-Reference to APC UPS Models

Battery Cabinets, Packs, and Parts


APC Symmetra Power Array
Extended Run Battery Cabinet
APC Symmetra Power Array Extended Run Battery Cabinet

208 / 240VDC

Intelligent Battery Frame
Scalable to 12 Battery Modules

Cabinet ONLY: $750

Cabinet + Empty Modules: $1350

Full Cabinet w/
New Batteries in Packs: $4500


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