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Browse Uninterruptible Power SupplyBattery Back-ups / Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS
Browse UPS Service, Repair, and Replacement PartsUPS Service, Repair & Replacement Parts
Browse Replacement Battery Cartridges RBC Battery Cartridges &
Extended Run Battery Cabinet Options

Mitsubishi 7011A
5KVA - 12KVA

Mitsubishi 2033C, 2033A, & 9800A
20KVA - 150KVA


Mitsubishi 2033CMitsubishi 2033C UPS 15KVA

Rating: 15KVA

Input: 3~, 4W, 208VAC, 45A, 60Hz, 16KVA

Output: 3~, 4W, 208VAC, 41.6A, 60Hz, 15KVA

Mits 8700T / 9700 Series

Mits 8900 / 9100 Series

Mits 9800 A Series 150KVA

Fans & Blowers

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) & Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)

Surplus Contactors

Transformers and Power Distribution Units(PDU)

UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches and Power Transfer Systems

Extended Run & External Battery Cabinets, Packs, and Parts

Mitsubishi Battery Cabinet

Mitsubishi 360VDC Extended Run Battery Cabinet

Mitsubishi 9800 UPS

400A; 600VDC

Design Configuration: 360VDC; 30 batts: 75-100Ah

Modular: No

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